Ethical Manufacturing & Social Accountability
Recruitment Policies, Timely Salaries and Overtime Salaries are devised in accordance with local Labour Laws.
No discrimination, forced or child labour.
Production Bonus and Festival Bonus.
Software based Attendance Systems, Salary Calculations, Recruitment and Performance Monitoring.
Entertainment Facilities for all: Picnics, Sports and Music.
Periodic Policy Updates.
Committees :
Workers Participation Committee.
Workers Welfare Committee.
Environmental Committee.
Energy Management Committee.
Safety Committee.
Operational Health & Safety
Ultra-Violet Drinking Water Treatment and Filtration System fitted with UPVC and CPVC pipes to provide clean drinking water
Awareness raised for Best Practices with OHS Training.
Full facility cleaned with antibacterial twice a day.
First Aid Boxes provided at all floors.
Safety Gears use implemented wherever required.
Childcare facilities with Certified Baby-sitter
General Medical Check-up and Good Practice
Lecture from the Centre for Women and
Full Time Doctor and Nurse Support and
Scheduled Check-ups for all employees
Large Capacity Prayer rooms and Dining Cafeteria with Canteen