Green Factory Premises
The structure and layout of the Production Building uses a Green Concept. The position of the large windows, ventilators and exhaust promises a natural temperature control smooth and cool breeze to flow continuously through each and every floor. The ceilings are high and each floor is mostly just one big open space! The bricks and the concentration of the concrete and stones used in the construction ensure rigidity and a very high load and vibration tolerance. Each production floor is measured at 15,000 square feet with the height for the ground floor at 17 feet, the second at 146 and subsequent floors at 126.
Winding and Yarn Store Building   An artificial canal with 650,000 litres of water runs across
the compound, continuously in circulation
Administrative and Display Unit Building Within the compound, large driveways connect all buildings and amidst them is a large green land full of Trees, Flowers and Vegetation - creating a natural, refreshing and ambient atmosphere
for all to work in.
Generator, Substation and Utilities Building
Childcare and Doctor’s Chamber
Separate Boiler Housing
The Buildings inside the premises of Everbright Sweater LTD. has been certified for quality construction, foundation and structural integrity by the IEB (Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh)