Production Departments
Automatic Knitting Section
Everbright’s modern collection of efficient Automatic Knitting Machines is capable of supplying our clients with high quality sweaters. This assembly primarily consist of top of the range Shima Seiki SIR 123 with full Intarsia selection and SIR 112 models with full Jacquard selection - from 3gg to 14gg.

Capacity and Capability:By end 2014, we will hold 185 Automatic Knitting Machines, making ESL capable of producing approximately 2 million sweaters a year in addition to the existing manual knitting machine backing. We will look to expand our knitting capacity even further in 2015.
Factory Production Process
Factory Production Process : Winding, Knitting, Linking, Trimming, Mending, Washing, Drying, Accessories Attachment, Sewing, Quality Check, Packing
Gauge Range :  3gg – 14gg
Type Specialization : Sweaters, Jumpers, Pullovers, Cardigans, Vests, Tops and Scarves
Size Specialization : All sizes for Men, Women and Children
Style Specialization :  Basic, Full Cable, Jacquard, Intarsia, Pointal, Full Pattern, Argyle
Production Methods Applied : Lean Production, Total Quality Management, Green Manufacturing